verb [i]

when different things or people mesh, they suit each other or work well together

mesh music is an Independent Nationwide Agency that specializes in music marketing and promotion services within the German Market. We provide this for Artists directly, Artist Managers, Record Labels and Tour Promoters who are looking for a highly experienced and dedicated team to help navigate and succeed among the noise of the 4th largest music market in the World.

We are highly capable of delivering an end to end solution for a full campaign or we can offer targeted modules and fill the gaps. We can also work both to the budgets of a newcomer, or that of an established artist.

mesh music is the brainchild of Alexandra Kraus (CEO), who has a long and proven track record of success. Over these years she has pulled together an incredible network of innovative and road-tested colleagues, each one bringing with them the highest level of expertise in their particular field that contributes to the complex jigsaw of any successful campaign. mesh music has fast become the go to source and one stop shop for a dynamic, dedicated and artist centric team. We work projects that we are passionate about and with a focus on international repertoire, so let us make your priorities our priorities!

Our service includes: product/project management, consulting (timing, target groups), marketing (incl. tool creation), print/online/TV/radio promotion, promotion & travel-coordination, event booking & execution

Our Mission Statement:

Building an artist and maintaining an artist’s success is a marathon, not a sprint. We have the stamina to run by your side.

Dedication – Creativity – Beast mode!

A no bullshit policy!