“Alex and mesh music were the perfect partners for James Morrison’s album campaign. Her local expertise, connections, and professionalism were all key in driving a very successful campaign in Germany. Not to mention being a wonderful personality to work alongside with as well.

mesh music will remain my number one go to partners for future projects.”

Dominic Squire (International Marketing Manager, Believe) 

mesh music is an agency for the modern music business. Our new and ever-changing business models call for flexibility and full-service options, including the increasingly important campaign management aspect, which Alexandra and her team provide with great success. 

Not just a media agency, but a partner for your campaigns.”

Donna Vergier (Global Music Marketing Consultant – Chrysalis Records UK)

“It’s been a total pleasure working with Alexandra at mesh music on the Emeli Sandé ‘Let’s Say For Instance’ campaign. Alex has worked with complete passion and a very artist-friendly approach.

Happy 2nd anniversary to mesh music, here’s to many more years and much success together!”

Kat Kennedy (General Manager, Big Life Management/Emeli Sandé)

“Alex and her team did an incredible job in building up Cloudys media presence in Germany. As an independent artist it’s hard to find the right partners who believe in you and do everything to take the artists‘ career to the next level. The hard-working people of mesh music are without any doubt one of the best agencies you can find in Germany with an unseen passion for artists they work with.”

Paris Zinner (Management Cloudy June)

Alex and her team are the best of the best. No stone is left unturned and she makes sure every opportunity is taken.

Adam Lambert (artist) & Shoshonna Stone (manager)

“Alex and several of her mesh music team members were instrumental in the growth of Gossip. When we first met this crew, Gossip was an indie band playing small clubs. By the end of the record cycle, they were Top 40 radio artists selling out German arenas.

We couldn’t have done it without the support and guidance of Alex. She is completely devoted to her artists, patient but absolutely tenacious in making things happen. It’s not an exaggeration to say her work changed our lives.

It’s easy for international artist teams to overlook the potential and size of the German market- don’t make that mistake. Invest in the future with Alex and her team.”

Tara Perkins (Hard Land Management/GOSSIP & Beth Ditto)

“Having known Alex (and her team) for many years and campaigns, I can say by heart: it´s both privilege and pleasure to work with her. She fights for her artists, knows the market, knows what she is doing and she is highly reliable. And a fun person! Short: she’s the best and I’m looking forward to our next collaboration!

Wolfgang Schrödl (7fields/Liquido/Senex)

“Alex and her highly motivated mesh music team are absolutely wonderful! The power, the heart and soul and the positive forward energy thrilled and also touched me a lot.

I felt in great hands with Alex and had complete trust from the very beginning. The fast, networked thinking and the creative “out of the box” ideas suit me very well and that’s why I can recommend mesh music unconditionally.

Thank you for your great support!”

Lea Lu (artist)

“I think Alex is one of the best in the business and anyone would be lucky and privileged to work with her and this team. No one cares more about their artists”.

Lizzy Plapinger (artist/MSMR & LPX)

It’s always a pleasure to work with Alex. She’s the best. I can’t wait to share the next project with her & her team.

Rune Lem (management Maria Mena/Norway)

“I have had both the honor and pleasure of working with Alex and her team over 2 campaigns for one of my artists, and I could not feel better about a team. If I could replicate her and put her in every market around the World, then I would.

As a Manager you are in-between the Artist and the label or distribution etc. It is often a lonely place, but Alex never lets you feel that way. She is there along with her team, in the trenches fighting alongside you for your artist with the same passion, vision, loyalty and honesty as you do. I respect her enormously. Her market knowledge is unquestionable, the way she goes about the task of fighting for your artist in creative ways, with honest feedback and projection are rare and should be valued.

Both her and her team know everyone worth knowing in the German market. I could not recommend them highly enough!”

Adham Hunt (Instinct Artist Management/Charlie Winston)

“There is no better team in Germany!”

Sarah Gallagher (Modest Management/Olly Murs)